Iron Creek Trail, Spearfish Canyon
Iron Creek Trail, Spearfish Canyon

Iron Creek Trail is one of the most unique and simple trails in Spearfish Canyon. The beginning of the trail is a few miles past Bridal Veil Falls, mile marker 22, approximately. It is 11.4 miles into Spearfish Canyon from the stoplight in Spearfish.  You will see a large pullout parking area just before a bridge on the West side of the road and the trail begins as you pass between two large rocks at the western edge of the parking area.


Iron Creek Trail waterfalls - Spearfish Canyon
Iron Creek Trail waterfalls – Spearfish Canyon

Iron Creek Trail begins in Spearfish Canyon and ends, naturally, at Iron Creek. As seen by the sign just before the bridge at the entrance to this hike, Iron Creek flows through a good portion of this hike, hence where it got its name. If the area has been lucky enough to have had a lot of moisture, the creek will flow rapidly all year round.


Boulders at Iron Creek Trail in Spearfish Canyon
Boulders at Iron Creek Trail in Spearfish Canyon

The trail sits in an area that once was home to a railroad system in the Black Hills. Many aspects from the past can be seen when on this hike. Looking up you can view some pretty spectacular cliffs and looking throughout the creek you will see many boulders that have fallen from up above. The famous Iron Creek Arch lies along this trail and can only be seen when hiking east on your return trip to your vehicle.  The wildlife and natural growth in the area is abundant, especially during the Spring. Moss is often seen on the rocks in the creek, adding more color to the already naturally beautiful area.

 Who should hike on Iron Creek Trail?

Iron Creek Trail is perfect for hiking, biking, snow shoeing, photography, and bird watching. All ages and all levels of experienced hikers will enjoy. The natural setting and the ease of this hike are two things that always make Iron Creek Trail a go-to trail for a needed outdoor experience.  Overall it is a very easy hike.

6 thoughts on “Iron Creek Trail

  1. “kind of”. Both trailheads are in Spearfish Canyon. Devil’s Bathtub is closer to Spearfish, with the Trailhead on the south side of the road. Iron Creek is further west and on the North side. They are pretty close to each other.

  2. We went on it last week and ended up on a gravel road in a mile or so in that went all the way to Iron Creek Lake but who wants to hike on a road that you can drive on with a car for 3 miles? No signs (that we saw) anywhere. Once you get to the fenceline with wire gate, turn around and go back as you will soon be on the road. It IS very pretty.

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