Iron Creek

Iron Creek Lake rainbow after the rain

Iron Creek Lake rainbow after the rain

A little kept secret, though not really, Iron Creek Lake and its surroundings make up some unforgettable hiking and sightseeing in the Black Hills.  About a 25 minute drive up the gravel packed road named Tinton (drive carefully and watch out for peacocks!); once you reach the destination, the long journey makes no difference.

Iron Creek Lake bridge

This man-made lake attracts swimmers, fishermen (and women), kayaks, hikers, campers, four-wheelers,  bikers, and any other sort of outdoor enthusiasts that you could possibly imagine.  During the summer months the beach and campground areas are generally swarming with people.  As the days grow colder, the area gets very desolate and vacated, though some individuals lucky enough to have a cabin on the lake remain in the area all year round.  There are small provisions available at the convenience store located at the entrance to the parking area.  Also an outhouse has been built in recent years and is very well maintained for public use.  There is usually an electric air pump available at the store to help inflate floaties for the lake.


Where do you hike at Iron Creek?

Iron Creek White Rocks, South Dakota

Iron Creek White Rocks, South Dakota

A favorite hike is the white rocks located on the southeast corner of the lake.  A rather vertical hike, but fairly short and sweet.  There is not really a specified trail to get there, but climbing around to the backside and going up seems pretty straight forward.  Have I mentioned the view at the top is breathtaking?!

There are said to be several other opportunities for hiking around the lake.  One such hike includes an evergreen tree that is so old and so large that six adults with their hands held together forming a circle could not enclose it.  Also, a simple walk around the lake makes for a very enjoyable hike as well.

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