Buzzard's Roost the view of Spearfish Canyon
Buzzard’s Roost the view of Spearfish Canyon

Buzzard’s Roost will give you an incredible view of Spearfish Canyon.  Have you ever driven through the canyon and wished you could be at the top of one of the mountains looking down?  Have you ever with there was a spot where you could have a view of the whole canyon during the Fall when everything is changing colors?  You will accomplish both of these things from Buzzard’s Roost.

What do you need to know about hiking to Buzzard’s Roost?

Buzzard’s Roost is at the end of the 1.2 mile hike up the ’76 Trail.  This is one of the best places in Spearfish Canyon to view the entire setting from every direction.  As the ’76 Trail sign reads, you get a panoramic view of Spearfish Canyon in every aspect.  One of the greatest times of the year to make a trek on this trail is in the Fall when the leaves are changing and the colors are extraordinary as the pictures prove.  This trail is very vertical in a very short time, so be sure to wear good shoes and plan on stopping for breaks if you are not an avid hiker.

The ’76 Trail is part of the 16 mile mining trail that was traversed back around 1876.  This is when the great gold discovery was taking place in the Black hills.  The trail ran from the town of Tinton to Lead/Deadwood.  Individuals like Potato Creek Johnny would travel this trail to make trades in the town of Savoy.  Today, the trail is the third of five trails to be built starting from Savoy.

I wonder if Potato Creek Johnny ever looked out over Spearfish Canyon from Buzzard’s Roost?

Buzzard's Roost Spearfish Canyon
Buzzard’s Roost Spearfish Canyon

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