A Fall hike on the '76 Trail in Spearfish Canyon
A Fall hike on the ’76 Trail in Spearfish Canyon

The 76 Trail is a popular hike in the Spearfish Canyon as its trail head lies close to the entrance to Roughlock Falls, a popular tourist stop in Spearfish.  Every year thousands flock to the area and hiking is often an activity during their stay.

Historically, the 76 Trail is part of the 16 mile mining trail that ran through Spearfish Canyon back in 1876.  The famous Potato Creek Johnny is said to have traveled on the trail a great deal.  Johnny lived in a cabin near the town of Tinton and would go to the Savoy area for trade.  This trail went from Tinton to the Lead/Deadwood area back in its day.  Potato Creek Johnny is famous for having discovered the largest gold nugget in the Black Hills during the gold rush.  This trail is the 3rd of five that are planned for the Savoy area.

Are you thinking about hiking the ’76 Trail?

The 76 trail measures 1.2 miles one direction, but like most of the hikes in Spearfish Canyon, the view at the end makes it worth every step.  This trail has several benches along the way where you can stop if needed.  The hike is rather steep but for the most part, short  lived.  At the end of the 1.2 miles you reach a lookout known as Buzzard’s Roost.  This viewing area is fenced off so you can’t continue as it is a pretty steep drop if you’d happen to slip.

Once you reach the top of the hike, the view is at its best.  Make sure you bring your camera along as you will be disappointed if you don’t.  You are able to see every angle of Spearfish Canyon.  One of the most amazing times of the year to make this trek is during the Fall.  As many people know, the colors of the canyon this time of year are incredible.

At the top of '76 Trail in Spearfish Canyon
At the top of ’76 Trail in Spearfish Canyon

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